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The Advantages of Asian Handicap

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Asian Handicap betting and football prediction sites became immensely popular in the Far East, thus the name, but it quickly caught on in UK and the rest of Europe. It is a good way to increase your chances of winning a bet and as such, it should be considered as a part of your betting strategy. This is why we will try to point out some advantages of Asian Handicap betting.

A big advantage of this style of betting is that it eliminates the draw as a betting result. The weaker team in a match is given a goal handicap or a spread prior to the game (0.5 goals, 1 goal, 1.5 goals, etc.), thus negating the draw as a betting result. Here is one example:

Barcelona -1.5 goals odds 1.90 vs Osasuna +1.5 goals odds 1.90 (you can find the detailed explanation of Asian Handicap here)

Barcelona would be a big favourite using the traditional odds but the odds on home win would be very low. In this case, Osasuna have 1.5 goals advantage prior to the match, which means that if you bet on Barcelona, they would have to win by at least two-goal margin so that it could be a winning bet, while your stake will be refunded if Barcelona win by a single goal margin. Therefore, you only have two possible outcomes, which considerably increases your chances of winning a bet on the best football prediction sites.

If you feel that one team is likely to win a game, but you are not completely sure, as draw could be possible outcome, you can bet on the team to win with Asian Handicap on level ball. This is a good option when the odds are very high, as in case of draw, you will get the stake back. The odds are a bit lower than a clear home or away win, but on the other hand, your chances of losing the money are significantly reduced.

Asian Handicap also helps when one team are hot favourites to win the match, but the odds on home win are too low. Obviously you are completely positive that team you are backing is going to win the game, possibly by a big margin. Then you can bet on your team to win with -1.5 Asian Handicap as the odds are much higher. In case your team win by at least two-goal margin, you win the bet, while your money is refunded if the team you are backing win by a single-goal margin.

All things considered, Asian Handicap gives you better chances of winning the sports picks than using the traditional betting system and we strongly advise you to consider it when placing a bet. These are some of the bookies that have the best odds for betting on Asian Handicap:

This is the best football prediction site of the year, www.betarazzi.com

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